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Heart Message February 2020 đź’•

February is a month of stretching and expanding the way we may experience and perceive love. What we may associate with February, Valentine's Day, or relationships is calling for a new and radical perspective.

The expansion of heart-centered energy is wanting to be poured over the 'self' first and foremost. So I'd like to begin this blog with a guided exercise:

Hold your hand over your heart. Breathe.

Notice what you may be feeling or sensing in your body. Pause.

Blanket white or gold light surrounding that feeling or sensation, creating space.

Next, imagine purple light pouring from the heart like a fountain over your entire body. Rest.

As you are now blanketed in purple light pouring over you from your heart, imagine this light increasing in size.

This energy is not selective, but pours over all of life. Imagine the energy radiating so far that eventually the entire planet and beyond is immersed in this loving energy field. This energy field includes all relations (to people, places, things, circumstances and unknown experiences). This is a timeless energy full of absolute abundance. This energy does not run out. This love does not run dry. Instead of 'filling our well' we are sharing our well as it is forever abundant and available at all times as the light that we so naturally are.

Sit in peace for a moment and notice how you are feeling now. If you feel inspired to write, you may wish to jot down in a journal a bit about your experience and feelings with this exercise.

As we expand our connection and awareness of the interconnectedness of our world, we begin to feel at ease in the sensation of always belonging. There is a place for you here on the planet to express the life flowing through you. If you feel uncertain or ungrounded this guided exercise may alleviate the strain you feel by holding presence for that particular emotion and transforming the feeling with loving light.

In love,


Written January 26th, 2020

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Love to you,

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