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  • Caroline Van Nort, MA

June 2019: Intuitive Message From My Heart to Humanity

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

Trust in your process. Don’t be afraid to laugh and let go. This is the month of joys and freedoms. Do you feel the freedom? If not, it may be time to consider what brings you joy. Try new things and feel the expansiveness within and around you. The joy is there to tap into. Are you ready to tap into it? Spreading this natural state of joy is a gift to humanity. Don’t be afraid. Embrace what brings you joy. This may include getting outside or smelling the flowers. Nature is here to support us, and it’s important for us to support nature, too!

When interacting with nature, I feel a strong sense of providing an offering of gratitude. Is there a particular place in nature that you enjoy visiting? If so, offer gratitude to this space. This gratitude may be spoken aloud, through your thoughts, or by giving a physical offering. Consider leaving a special leaf, flower or stone in gratitude. The possibilities are endless.

"Try new things and feel the expansiveness within and around you." Caroline Van Nort

If you don’t feel a strong connection to a special place in nature, consider finding one this month. Do you enjoy the oceans, mountains, or plains? Do you enjoy exploring in your local town or city? You may even consider closing your eyes and visualizing this space that is special to you. Provide an offering of gratitude to the beauty in nature. Enjoy the bountiful sunshine and be the true you.

There is also a healing element to embracing joy, which involves releasing that which is not joyful. This may be certain thoughts, beliefs, or activities. Notice how these sensations feel in your body. Often times our body will tell us when a situation is not good for us. Pay attention and continue to grow this awareness of your personal intuitive radar.

June Energy Boosting Practice

Connect with the flowers during this month. What colors do you feel drawn to? What colors bring you joy? Notice what may be blocking your joy, and stay open to the flower essences. Consider writing in a journal about your experiences. You may even wish to visit a garden center to explore the plants and meet some local folks. Let this be fun!

May June be joyful.

In Grounded Connection,

Caroline & The Spirit Animals

*Please note that this is a very general message. For specific intuitive messages please schedule an intuitive healing session appointment with me to go deeper into your specific situation and energy. Thank you for understanding the expansiveness of general readings and messages.

*Please note that Caroline is not acting with her counseling license when providing intuitive messages, and these services are two different services altogether. Intuitive messages do not replace the guidance from licensed professional services and specialists.

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