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  • Caroline Van Nort, MA

'The Walk of the Caterpillar' October 2019 Newsletter

I notice a fluffy caterpillar making circles around the bottom rim of a green flower pot. How often do we unknowingly walk in circles creating patterns while wanting to take the leap in a new direction? The caterpillar seeks a new path every few steps while longing for something different, but cannot feel the next step... just yet. Trusting the outreach of many legs, the caterpillar reaches beyond the edge and finally feels the next step beneath the rim of the flower pot. But wait! The step after that is just as uncertain. At this point, the caterpillar is unable to go backward, for the previous path already changed course! Change is the law of the universe. And so, we must keep moving naturally. 

As we step into October 2019, I welcome our readers to feel liberated by the freedom to choose. May October be filled with trust in the next part of your path even if the journey feels unclear. On October 13th, Harrison Graves MD and I will offer our next Soul Connection Sunday workshop. Join us for healing mantras for anxiety and mandala art for the heart! RSVP at expressiveheartarts.com for more information about workshops, expressive arts counseling, and intuitive healing sessions. Stay up-to-date with Expressive Heart Arts by signing up for the free EHA newsletter! Be sure to visit harrisongravesmd.com, findinghappinessagain.com, and DailyOM.com to learn more about the special offerings of Harrison Graves MD and Cayenne Graves, Yogic & Ayurvedic Psychological Life Coach. We hope to cross paths with you!

Please see the full October Newsletter here: https://shoutout.wix.com/so/31Ms3kWkS#/main

Caroline Van Nort, MA, LPCA, NCC

'May the canvas of your life be touched by the artist that you are.' 

Expressive Heart Arts

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